8th Annual Dumpling will be October 23, 2014 at United Methodist Church
Located at: 204 South 9th Street, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm

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Some upcoming Columbia Friends of China 2014 events:

  • Ever wonder what goes into making ALL those dumpling for the CFC Dumpling Festival? Well take a look at this video made last year by a visiting journalist scholar and you can see. Click Here to See It.

Need a English/Chinese Pocket Tranlator?

    You can download one Here!

Obituary of: Carol Bo Sun, 18 son of supporter of CFC.

Paste Events and Other items of importance:

Welcome to Columbia Friends of China! We hope this information will interest you in our sister city, Laoshan, and of opportunities in the central Missouri area for you to participate in Chinese educational, economic, and cultural activities.

Do you want information? Do you want to participate? How about some discounts at local merchants? Please send your questions and ideas to us !

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